Stain Blockers

Stain Blockers a service offered by Kaymanta to its clients
The fear of stains is usually the main reason
for which many fear wearing rugs in their home.
However, a rug is a decorative element and should not condition
the way of living the spaces.
To contribute to this enjoyment, Kaymanta has devised the precise formula that will
a great impact on the use of carpets and rugs; Stain Blockers. Stain Blockers is an innovative service that allows us to seal the carpet fibers creating a protective barrier that repels the most common stains. Allow this decorative element to be the true protagonist of the room, without stains, without worries... Simply with elegance.
Of course, this new component follows the values ​​and principles of Kaymanta, being faithful to a sustainable, organic and biodegradable nature since it is made from water, without containing ozone or fuel. It is also fire retardant.
It is possible to hire this extra service at the time of ordering your carpet. For online purchases, the option is available at the time of uploading the item to the cart. 
For more questions about the service, contact us by phone or by email to our email: