KAYMANTA, is a company specialized in the manufacture of high quality rugs and various textures. Our company was founded in Argentina, in October 2003. In January 2009 we opened our first store in Miami and in 2016 in Madrid.

The name Kaymanta, is of Quechua origin (aboriginal language of America) and means, "of what is ours", which shows the spirit under which this project was born.

Claudio and Grace had the dream of showing the world the charm of the products that could be made from the very heart of Argentina, a country recognized worldwide for its high quality leather. Kaymanta thus began with the manufacture of some basic products, which can still be found in its extensive catalog, such as the traditional “Sauce” design in natural leather.

Over almost 19 years, Kaymanta has become a recognized and respected brand within the Furniture and Decoration industry, providing it with the most exclusive and fine products.


During these years, not only the quality of the design and finishes have been perfected, but Kaymanta has incorporated new textures and techniques in the manufacture of its rugs.

Currently, all the rugs of the different collections that Kaymanta has, are manufactured entirely by hand and under strict organic process care, which makes the brand one of the few in the market to prioritize the sustainability of its products and the commitment with the environment.